Auckland, New Zealand: 16th November 2016


Ludde Ingvall’s team are working hard to get CQS ready for her sea trials, commenting this morning on the frenzied action on the boat, he said, “the team are ticking jobs off the job list.”  Elaborating on the various tasks to be undertaken, he said that the riggers were currently “pumping up the rig and letting it down again.”

This operation is part of tensioning the various rigging components to ensure that the mast is properly supported when it comes under load. Once the rig is properly set up, the Spabond mast collar will be poured to create a watertight seal where the mast goes thought the deck. 

The conditions in Auckland are still not ideal, with strong winds and exceptional tides, caused by the recent “supermoon”, causing some problems with getting CQS measured for her rating. However Ludde says that progress is on schedule and the team are looking forward to, weather permitting, hoisting the sails over the weekend.