Ludde Ingvall has been key to establishing the design requirements and sailing goals for the overall programme. He has provided significant input into design concepts and solutions. Ludde has been instrumental in providing the overall link and project management for the build implementation and then the final operation of the yacht.

Bakewell-White Yacht Design Ltd

BWYD have focussed on ensuring the design concepts and development maintains direction towards providing the best possible result. The team has been led by Brett Bakewell-White, who has had overall responsibility for the design programme.


Brett leads the team at Bakewell-White. His designs have included design of a wide variety of craft from small motorboats, kayaks and dinghies, through to superyachts in excess of 40m in length. The majority of work has been related to performance sailboats, including some 25 yachts in excess of 15 metres. Brett has been the recipient of a number of design awards.

Multiphase Design

Andrew Baglin has led the team that has performed all of the CFD analysis of the various design concepts for the hull keel and DSS foils, offering advice on placement, size, and orientation.


Hugh Welbourne was the originator of the Dynamic Stability System concept, or DSS.  Hugh has provided the initial data and concepts for this aspect of the redevelopment of the yacht.

Waterfront Composite Solutions

Drawing on an extensive history of designing high performance structures for sailing and powerboats, Mark Bishop led the team that provided the structural design and concepts to allow us to modify and add to the existing structure in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. We have been able to maximise strength and performance of the yacht. The yacht features some unique and extreme structural solutions.

Simonis/Voogd Naval Architects

Credit should also go to Alexander Simonis and Maarten Voogd, who were the naval Architects who provided the original design that forms the basis of the yacht. In its original form as Nicorette VI, the yacht that won the 2004 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.


Southern Ocean Boats

Greg McNabb and Greg Prescott have led a team that has worked tirelessly and exceptionally long hours since October 2015. Aside from surmounting and solving multiple build challenges, the builder is always a key member of the design team and provides an important role in determining the best and easiest design solution to complete the build.

Hall Spars NZ Ltd

Charged with refurbishing the carbon spars, Hall’s engineers have been key to establishing the loading limitations for the overall design concept.


Evolution Sails

Drawing on vast sailing experience in offshore mono and multihull racing yachts, Evolution have had very significant input into the overall design package and concepts for actually sailing the yacht, as well as spending extensive time in the University of Auckland twisted flow wind tunnel to develop the sail wardrobe for the yacht. Evolution Sails are fast establishing themselves as a leading and innovative sail maker.


Rodney is the founder and owner of Evolution Sails. The breadth of his experience encompasses almost every facet of sailing. He is a sail maker and more often than not, a competitive yacht racer, including 17 Sydney/Hobarts, 5 Fastnets, 4 Transpacs, 7 Chicago/Macs, and 7 Auckland/Fiji races.