CQS arrives in Auckland

Image Courtesy of Greg McNabb (Southern Ocean Boats)

Image Courtesy of Greg McNabb (Southern Ocean Boats)

Auckland, New Zealand: 15 November 2016.

Ludde Ingvall’s supermaxi, CQS, arrived in Auckland this morning, after a tough and testing journey from Tauranga. The journey, was not without challenges including contending with strong headwinds and tsunami warnings.  

Commenting on the passage Ludde said, “despite the concerns posed by the earthquake and tsunami warnings the trip was OK. We had 25 knots of wind on the nose nearly all the way, but we got there.” 

Ludde, thanked his team for their efforts, “we’re all tied up at Silo Marina now. It was truly a team effort, many thanks to Chris, Malcolm, Jacob and Logan for getting her here.”

The team now have a huge job list, with Hall Spars working on tuning the rig, in anticipation of the first sea trials over the weekend, weather permitting.