About the Boat

Originally built in 2004, she was a state of the art 90 foot racing boat from the start. Designed by Simonis Voogd Naval Architect and Yacht Design Studio, she was the fifth yacht under the sponsorship of Nicorette, and was successful from the start, winning the Sydney to Hobart race that year. Learn more about the history of the boat.


The rebuild has transformed the yacht from a competitive 90 foot boat to a high performance 100 foot super maxi.

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While there are radical modifications to the hull and some cutting edge technology in the DSS aqua foils, the engine of a sailing boat is the bit that sticks up in the air…the rig and sails. 

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Sailing boats rising out of the water on foils is not new. However, until very recently it was typically small lightweight craft that were the test bed for these experiments and trials. CQS will be one of the biggest boats using DSS technology.

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Meet the Crew


There are not many sailors who have won two of the most prestigious ocean races in the world, the Fastnet Race and the Sydney to Hobart in Australia. Ludde Ingvall has won each, twice, including leading the super maxi Nicorette VI first across the finishing line in the 2004 Sydney Hobart..

Originally from Helsinki, Finland, Ludde now lives in Sydney. He started sailing when he was still a boy, having built his first dinghy in the family garage with his father. He sailed his first Whitbread Round the World Race in 1985 as a crew member, before contesting the next race (1989/90) as skipper of his own boat. Since then there have been many campaigns and successes.

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