JUST OUTSIDE OF HOBART: 28th December 2016


At 07:30 this morning CQS was virtually becalmed in Storm Bay, only a few miles from the entrance to Hobart’s Derwent River. “Storm Bay is not living up to its name,” commented Michael Rummel from the boat, “we are doing 1 knot at the moment.”


He said that they had maintained good speed all night, with a decent breeze, but the wind shut off at around 06:00, and their progress slowed to a crawl.


Family and friends waiting on Constitution Dock in Hobart have seen the ETA pushed back and back. Late last night CQS was expected to finish at about 05:00, but as the sky started to lighten before dawn this was pushed back to 07:00. Now it seems that a 09:00 finish is optimistic.


After yesterday’s beautiful sunny weather, Hobart is now a cloudy, soggy, dripping mess, and the crew of CQS, instead of being covered in salt spray, have rain water running off the sails.