SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: 26th December 2016

There is no other feeling in the world quite like the buzz around the foreshore of Sydney Harbour on Boxing day. The excitement, the anticipation, the nerves, they are all in abundant supply.

Those who are doing their first Rolex Sydney to Hobart race are consumed by conflicting emotions, the nerves of going into the unknown mixed in with the excitement of being part of a unique Aussie event.

Then there are those showing a cool exterior, they’ve done the Hobart a few times before, but be sure, no matter how smooth they appear on the surface, underneath the nerves are still there.

CQS has a good mix of rookies and old timers. Sir Michael Hintze is not only new to the race, he’s new to sailing, "I'm not nervous, there is trepidation sure but I the crew Ludde has put together are amazing and I am looking forward to sharing the experience with them".

Ludde, Chris Dickson, Rodney Keenan and others have plenty of Hobarts under their belt, but this boat is a whole new ball game, so there are nerves hidden by the confident strides down the dock.

There are even nerves amongst the guests having breakfast on the dockside at Birkenhead Point Marina, all curious about the unique yacht they have come to bid farewell. There is no doubt CQS will be the most talked about boat on the starting line today.