27th December 2016: 7.30am update

The CQS team have described it as “a challenging night,” via sat phone this morning, adding that they had done quite a few sail changes.


Talking about their progress south, he said that CQS had been achieving good speeds yesterday afternoon and evening, but then the wind dropped during the night.


Skipper, Ludde Ingvall told us this morning that the breeze was building again, and they now had 13 to 14 knots of wind from the east, and the were sailing at 16 to 17 knots. He said, “the wind direction allows us to point right at the mark, so we are going in a straight line.


He explained that they were getting a lot of vibration from the DSS board since various bits had broken off, and they were trying to adjust its position to minimize the effect of the turbulence this vibration caused. Ludde reckoned that they were 10% to 15% below they potential because of this.


At the time of contacting them, CQS was 59 nautical miles south east of Gabo Island.